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Are you a business, family man or woman who it isn’t always convenient for to on the long queues these days? would you like to do all you banking from the comfort of your home and offices? Then www.remita.com is the yes answer to this question.

www.remita.com is an electronic platform that enables organizations (SMEs, State GovernmentsCorporate organizations, Multinationals, Companies, NGOs,Government Agencies, religious organizations,Schools , & Educational institutions, Hospitals & Health Institutions, Utility , Resident Association,etc.) and Individuals RECEIVE and MAKE PAYMENTS with great ease.
Remita is an e-payment platform licensed by the Central Bank OF Nigeria)(CBN) to enable individuals and all types of Organizations(Big or small, private or public, profit oriented or NGO, etc.) to RECEIVE and MAKE PAYMENT without any stress.

What Can www.remita.com do for You?

Salary payment
Remita allows organizations to form direct payments to their employees’ accounts. These worker accounts needn’t be within the same bank because the paying organization’s bank account. employees receive their salaries as shortly as payment is made via Remita. They additionally receive email and optional SMS alerts whenever pay payment has been made to their account.

Vendors, Contractor & other Third remissions
Remita allows people and organizations to issue electronic cheques to vendors and other third parties. The third party account could also be within the same or different banks. These cheques get immediate value because the beneficiaries receive instant credit.
Remita generates payment recommendation to the funds recipient as shortly as payment is made. at the same time, the payment beneficiary receives a short description via SMS and a detail payment recommendation describing the purpose of payment as email.


Pension remittal
Remita allows organizations to form pension contribution payment to relevant PFA accounts command within the custody of Pension Fund Custodians (PFC).
Whenever these payments ar created to the PFA accounts, Remita automatically generates matching payment schedules that are simultaneously created out there to the various PFAs and PFCs.

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PAYE Tax remittance
Remita allows organizations to form PAYE tax payments to acceptable Boards of taxation. Remita also generates tax schedules to support each tax remittance. These schedules ar created available to the various Boards in real time. this protects the time required to attain this through the delivery of the many schedules which can not even be synchronized with payments created.

Personal remittal
Remita permits you as a private to form payments to beneficiary accounts in your bank or the other bank from the comfort of your home or workplace. you’ll be able to issue one or many cheques at a time. additionally, you’ll be able to issue standing orders on a happening basis for the payment of your tithes, offerings, monthly premiums, annual subscriptions, regular and steady transfers to your folks, children, alternative dependents or charity organizations.

Remita Collections provides Associate in Nursing e-Payment platform for organizations to receive payments for services they need to be rendered to their customers.
The Collections module additionally empowers you to set up a type to be intuitively completed by customers who need to form payments to you. the form would assist you fully understand who they’re and what they’re paying for. you will request for info like customer number, good Ordered, Policy number, Delivery technique. or other info needed for your internal processes.

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Would you like to use Remita and make your Banking less stressful? Just signup and start banking with FUN and EASE.

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