Nairabox is a social digital wallet that allows you make payments, buy recharge cards and do other transactions online with
Nairabox Stands out because it is reliable and available even in times when Point of Sale Systems or similar apps are not. It lets you record transactions even when the internet is down. Your transaction is stored locally, then automatically synchronize to your account when you’re connected again.

Some amazing features of are:

Pay Bills: With this application, you can never forget when your bills are due, The automatic bill payment feature does the job for you with no extra charge!
Buy Airtime: Never run out of airtime when you use Nairabox. Auto airtime automatically tops up your phone as often as you choose!
Cinema Tickets: Do you love movies like I do? If yes you can be the first to watch your favorite Movies. allows you buy Cinema tickets from the comfort of your home
Event Tickets: Catch the latest events and have fun with friends… Nairabox features your way of life in a single app.
In-Store Payment: Nairabox allows you to make payments in stores. Great discounts are also given when you use this feature.

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As you can see, Nairabox is so amazing! If you would like to enjoy this amazing app,Download it because It works on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets of all sizes and resolutions. Nairabox is constantly improving with free updates that equip you with great new features to give you satisfying services.

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These are the few steps you need to complete to start enjoying this amazing app:
1. Download the app from your app store
2. Sign up
3. Take a selfie
4. Fund your wallet using the ‘Add funds’ feature
5. Welcome to an amazing journey with Nairabox!


The rest is limitless! Enjoy and discover new features in Nairabox as you use it daily.
And yes, reward their faithful customers with amazing bonuses for letting you know how important you are.

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