We have received several emails from our subscribers who have not been able to download and install Whatsapp on their devices, that is why I have decided to rewrite this post. In this post, you will see a clearer step to step process of downloading WhatsApp.com messenger on any device.whatsapp.com

WhatsApp.com messenger is a Free messaging application that works on Android and other smartphones. Whatsapp uses your phone’s internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or WI-FI, as available) to enable you message and call friends and family.
Whatsapp, one of the most popular mobile messaging app, faced fierce competition from the likes of WeChat and 2go. Whatsapp guarantee clients have a protected, trustworthy and enjoyable messaging experience. Because of that, here are a couple tips to get more out of Whatsapp.


1. Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp: Whatsapp allows everybody’s last seen to be seen by default, but should you be like me who doesn’t like that feature, all you need to do is go into Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced and set Last Seen Timestamp to Off.
2. Backup And Restore WhatsApp Chats: This new WhatsApp feature allows WhatsApp to automatically backup your chats, but you can all manually do that by going into Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations to create a backup. This won’t backup your media, so you’ll need to use a file manager to copy the media folders in /sd card/WhatsApp/Media.
3. Lock Your WhatsApp: Personally I love privacy, and that why I love this feature a lot. if you use an android WhatsApp lock helps secure your WhatsApp, while Lock for WhatsApp  works on blackberry.
4. Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number: If a whatsapp.com user should change his or her phone number, you need not uninstall the WhatsApp and install it again, Go to Settings > Account > Change number. Enter your old phone number in the top field and then your new phone number in the bottom field. Then press Done. Verify your new phone number, and all your chat history, groups and so on will be migrated to the new number.
5. Block unwanted contacts: To block users from contacting you, tap “Chat Settings” and then “Block.” You will see a list of contacts you have blocked underneath. Blocked contacts can see your statuses, though not your “last seen” timestamps or online availability, and they will not be able to send you messages.



I prefer the way Messenger looks but feel more at home using Whatsapp as most of my close friends can be found on there. Here are some other reasons why whatsapp.com is cool.
1. Not everyone likes facebook, WhatsApp is just like your message Inbox(not a social networking site).
2. It is an Instant messenger and sync’s with your Mobile contacts (No need to add friends)
3. Whatsapp Groups
4. You can share Videos as well.
5.No need of ‘forgot password’ thing
6. Consumes very less bandwidth (unlike Facebook)
7. Available on all major mobile platforms.
8. Emoji’s
9.It always works!
Need to talk with loved ones with WhatsApp, however, would prefer not to be installed on your telephone? You can use the Android emulator system to install WhatsApp on your home or work PC. These emulators make create Android gadget on your PC, permitting you to install and use WhatsApp and even other Android Apps.Most well-known emulators accessible are Bluestacks , Windroy , Android , Droid4X , Xamarin Android Player , Duos M Android Player. For more information on this, visit NAIJATECHNO.

How to download Whatsapp.

  1. Click Here to Visit the Official Whatsapp Website on your phone, tablet PC or another device. The application for your device is automatically selected for you and all you need to do is click the Download option.

Download Whatsapp for iPhone

Download Whatsapp for Android

Download Whatsapp for Blackberry

Download Whatsapp for Windows Phone

Download Whatsapp for Symbian

Download Whatsapp for Nokia S40

  1. After downloading and installing the Whatsapp on your mobile, run the app on your mobile device
  2. You have to accept the terms and conditions on the welcome page and proceed
  3. Register your phone number (it is advised to use the phone number that you are known by)
  4. Confirm the 5-digit code that will be sent to your mobile number.
  5. Choose a username of your choice.
  6.  Upload a profile picture of your choice.

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