Register Ultimate cycler Nigeria– Recently there has been a lot of online activities which are known as the ponzi scheme. One of them is called Ultimate Cycler.
For the benefit of those who have not known about, or will like to join Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, I advise that you read through this post as to understand everything about Ultimate Cycler Nigeria.

Register Ultimate cycler Nigeria
Ultimate Cycler is a member-to-member donation business model created by Peter Wolfing that is designed to help people have great breakthroughs from financial struggles.
People will have said a lot about Ultimate cycler, But I will like to make it known to you that I have tried this and it works very well.
How Does Ultimate Cycler Nigeria Work?

Once you register, you’re automatically paired with someone to whom you are to make a one-time payment of N12,500 to, and after that has been confirmed, you’re qualified to receive your own payments of N12,500 from four other people.

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria provides you with N50,000 after about a week, or thereabout, even less of investing just N12,500, and if you’re not good at referring others, you’ve got no problem as the system got you covered and would automatically fix 4 people under you who would pay you N12,500 each summing up to N50,000.
Note that referrals are important as it will make the


Fill the Ultimate Cycler Registration form with your bio data:

  1. Name: Enter your own name here
  2. Last name: Type in your Surname
  3. Email: Enter your personal email address
  4. Mobile no: 0803863…
  5. Contact no: 0803829…
  6. Mobile Carrier: Glo, MTN, Airtel Africa
  7. Username: Choose your preferred username (nickname)
  8. Enter the code: This is the code shown on the screen
  9. Then tick the box (BY JOINING you agree to the terms of use)
  10. Then scroll down to *CREATE MY ACCOUNT AND CONTINUE
  11. In the next page, tick the 3 boxes and continue.
  12. In the 3rd page, scroll down to Country and choose NIGERIA.
  13. Leave others, the click *FINISH AND SAVE
  14. IN the last page, click *THANK YOU* icon to show u whom to pay the 12,500 we talked about too. Know about MMM & Register MMM

Collect the person’s phone number and call him/her for account details or to pay him/with cash so he can confirm you and activate your account. (after payment, ask him/her to activate your account immediately.)

Have any questions or concerns about Ultimate Cycler? You can drop a comment in the box below and I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can.

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, Happy Earnings!

Register Ultimate cycler Nigeria

Register Ultimate cycler Nigeria

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