As the Nigerian police recruitment examination comes up, we have concluded that one of the best ways to help our readers who will be writing that exam is to update the Ranks In The Nigerian Police Force for their study as that may be one of the questions that may be asked on that day. How are we sure of this? In the Nigerian police past questions and answer, we saw that.The Ranks In The Nigerian Police Force

The Ranks In The Nigerian Police Force are divided into three structures namely:
1. Administrative structure
2. Authority structure and
3. Organizational structure

Ranks In The Nigerian Police Force

· Inspector General of Police (Highest Rank In The Nigerian Police Force)
· Deputy Inspector General of Police
· Assistant Inspector General of Police
· Commissioner of Police
· Deputy Commissioner of Police
· Assistant Commissioner of Police
· Chief Superintendent of Police
· Superintendent of Police
· Deputy Superintendent of Police
· Assistant Superintendent of Police
· Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police
· Inspector
· Sergeant
· Corporal (Lowest Rank in The Nigerian Police Force)


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