PainedViolet Maria Regina Kayla Robson is my name. Am a light skinned girl with full brown hair. My light skinned face is my idol, it is oval in shape and always very smooth. I have brown eyes, my eyebrows are full, so full that I always have to line it with a comb every morning. My eyelashes are so long and full that when I blink it clasps together. I have a nice cheek, you’d love to look at me when I smile. I don’t have to use a blush when I make up because my cheeks are just naturally pink. I’ve got a pointed nose. My lips are really pink. You’d die to kiss them. During my sophomore year some group of friends, precisely seven in number gave me a letter where they expressed how much they wanted to kiss me in it and all signed. Am five feet four in height, I have really long and full legs. You’d love me in jeans, in a miniskirt, you’d wanna take me away. Am just too pretty that I adore myself a lot. I know guys always stare when I walk by, I don’t need to be told, it’s something I know. Well, all these are by the way.

I’m am Oklahoman. My parents, Dan and Maria Regina got married in 1994, at least, you know why I have so many names. Two years later my mum took in for me. I was born on the 9th of November 1996 in the Children’s Hospital, in Boston U.S.A. My parents had gone to Boston for a conference and while there, my mum went into labor.
My mum died some few minutes after she gave birth to me. It wasn’t easy for my dad, he left me in the hospital as he did not have any option in mind on how to nurture me. Years ago I began growing and I found myself in somewhere else. I stayed with my father for a little while though but I can’t find him anymore.
The story has it he isn’t dead but I see him say in every three to four to five years.

This is all I can tell you about me for now, with time you’d find out more interesting and uninteresting things. Am not a perfect being. I am evil but every evil I’ve done is as a result of the good I did that was turned to bad.

This is a brief biography of the main character of this story.
I believe we’ve all being pained, one way or the other.
It’s not a good experience but it could help build us or break us
Read up and know if Violet’s pain built her or broke her.
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