you one of the numerous unemployed in Nigeria you ? Do you require skills? Is it accurate to say that you are occupied with thoughts to better Nigeria? in the event that yes, this post is for

The Federal government of Nigeria has recently presented a project called N-power to radically diminish youth unemployment in Nigeria. The thought process of is to give our young graduates and non-graduates with the capacities, devices, and employment to empower them advance from unemployment to occupation, business, and improvement. The underlying period of N-Power will concentrate on Nigeria’s fundamental needs in training, agribusiness, advancement, imagination, improvement and artisanal organizations. N-Power is similarly getting prepared Nigeria for an overall outsourcing push where our young Nigerians can convey their administrations to tackle overall exercises that obtain Nigeria, outside exchange.

The objective of the system are

To mediate and straightforwardly enhance the job of a minimum amount of youthful unemployed Nigerians

To make a biological system of answers for debilitated open administrations and government enhancement arrangements.

To build up a subjective framework for the exchange of employability, entrepreneurial and specialized abilities.

In whole, is divided as takes after:

N-Power Teachers Corps-500,000 graduates

N-Power Knowledge – 25,000 non-graduates

N-Power Build-75,000 non-graduates

Prerequisites for N-power application

N-Power tries to give a stage where most Nigerians can get to skills procurement and improvement. Right now, notwithstanding, the underlying particular projects in N-Power are intended for Nigerian nationals between the ages of 18 and 35. You should meet the base necessities (assuming any) for your separate project. For the most part, choice is based:

on your look of an honest to goodness enthusiasm for whichever zone you choose;

breezing through the significant tests;

your readiness to inspire yourself past your customary range of familiarity; and

capacity to demonstrate a pizazz to building up every one of the aptitudes you should be as well as can be expected to be.


While there are altered prerequisites along the way, we will depend on you to take responsibility for a procedure and lead the pack in molding your course, by benefitting as much as possible from the preparation that you will get.

For the motivations behind N-Power, Graduate means having at least a Higher National Diploma (HND) or a Bachelors Degree from a higher foundation.

Center territories for N-Power program







After creation

Group administration

The N-Power program application has authoritatively begun accepting an online application from candidates the nation over, here is the means by which the application procedure will run.

To start with, visit website and register by making a username and secret word and afterward sign in.

Navigate the different projects and pick the one that suits you and afterward tap on apply at the base of the page

Fill the structure deliberately and be sure to give precise data and reports to bolster your application.

In the wake of submitting you will get an affirmation email letter affirming the receipt of the application.

After 48hours you will be advised by email and the enlistment entrance whether you are qualified for the N-Power program, on the off chance that you are unsuccessful you may apply again in ensuing projects.

On the off chance that you are fruitful you can continue to the test page at the MY N-POWER PORTAL, you will be required to compose two tests; a general aptitudes test and program particular test.

Contingent upon your project there might be the last meeting before acknowledgment into the N-Power program, else, you will get an email affirming your temporary acknowledgment into the N-Power program.

You will need to affirm your acknowledgment to secure your place.

Particular data and system subtle elements will now be sent to your email.

On the off chance that anytime you experience a test in filling your structure you can send an email to

If you have any questions, let it be known in the comment box below and we will clarify you as soon as possible.

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