nigerian army defeats boko haramThe Nigerian Army has reported that troops fighting against Boko Haram in the North East, recorded a noteworthy accomplishment during a raid.

The Army advertising chief, Col Sani Usman said troops murdered 29 Boko Haram terrorists furthermore protected 72 prisoners.

Usman said “Troops of 151 Task Force Battalion, 21 Brigade have cleared remainders of Boko Haram terrorists from three towns in Iza general region, murdering 25 Boko Haram terrorists and recuperated a few weapons.

“The cleared towns were Mballeri, Shuari 1 and Shuari 2. What’s more, the troops likewise safeguarded 18 persons held hostage by the terrorists. They involved 2 men, 7 ladies and 9 youngsters. The protected persons have been moved to the Brigade’s home office for further screening and care.

nigerian army defeats boko haram

“Sadly, one Civilian JTF going with the troops tumbled off a vehicle and sustained a few wounds. He has however since been cleared to the unit’s Regimental Aid Post for therapeutic treatment and he is in stable condition.”

He additionally said “Troops of 114 Task Force Battalion, 28 Task Force Brigade, in conjunction with a few vigilantes in their general vicinity of operation, have done leeway operation of reported remainders of Boko Haram terrorists along Bita-Madube Ciki-Njubul pivot.

“During the raid, 2 troopers, unfortunately, steped on a covered Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that genuinely harmed one of the officers.

“Nevertheless, the troops proceeded with the development and had contact with the terrorists and got them out of Madube Cikin, slaughtering 4 guerillas, devastating 2 vehicles and 2 bikes belonging to the terrorists.

“The troops also recovered 2 chambers, 1 AK-47 rifle, 3 boxes of 7.62mm (Special) ammo, 2 bikes and packs of grains.

“The troops also saved 54 persons held prisoner by the Boko Haram terrorists.

“The discharged prisoners are being screened while the injured troopers have subsequent to been emptied for legitimate restorative consideration.”

The defence headquarters (DHQ) said the new video, which showed a remorseful Abubakar Shekau the leader of Boko Haram, will not distract soldiers from the ongoing operations against insurgents.

Do you think the Boko Haram leader is ready to surrender?

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