Niger Delta Avengers cease-fire-The Niger Delta Avengers have today promised to cease fire in exchange for Immediate release of IPOB leader and Biafra Radio Director, Dr. Nnamdi Kanu.
The group had earlier threatened to launch six missiles in the region and to also shut Nigeria’s airspace, but it said it decided to do otherwise after the federal government offered to dialogue.Niger Delta Avengers cease-fire
The group said in a statement: “We shall continue to engage in dialogue if our demands are met. Our representatives for the dialogue, especially the governors and others will not betray our demands with the federal government. Any betrayal on their own part shall be viewed as a betrayal of the entire region and we shall go after them immediately as they know our mode of operation in which they will not escape from us. “There is no gainsaying that we made our earlier promise to launch six missiles simultaneously against some targeted areas. But this was waved aside as a result of appeals made to us through email by the federal government and some international nations to open talks with Buhari. “We saw some genuine aspiration on the part of Buhari, who made several contacts to us to see reason with them over the issue of underdevelopment of the region. And since he (Buhari) had set the ball rolling for a clear negotiation with us, there is no problem without a solution. We have therefore declared a ceasefire in order to negotiate with the government if it is a true reflection of what they have in mind to develop the Niger Delta region.”

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Their demands also include:

– Implementation of the report of the 2014 national conference

– removal of Paul Boroh, coordinator of the presidential amnesty programme and should be replaced with Dr. Felix Tuodolo who has been in the struggle of non-violence since 1980 and he was the designer of the amnesty programme

– Ready to negotiate with the federal government for the sake of monetary benefit to us but how genuinely the government will develop the region is at the centre of our discussion and anything less than that we will continue our struggle without further warning to the federal government
– Release of Nnamdi Kanu, Sambo Dasuki, others
Nigerian minister for petroleum has made it known that President Muhammadu Buhari had nominated a team of negotiators, led by the national security advisor, to commence talks with shareholders in the Niger Delta.

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