iCHARITY Nigeria- Register And Start Making Money

iCharity Club is a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way, unlike MMM. But In icharity You can withdraw anytime and you started as low amount of only USD20 or 6000naira, Immediately after you started as a Graded member, you already entitled for USD20x5=USD100 or 6000×5=30,000naira, you can get this within a week by bringing people at least three members and the system will add two to make it five, those people will pay directly to your account. If you don’t know how to invite people do not worry System automatically places extra referrals by your upline under you but this will take a while (two weeks or less).  In icharity the Bounce best on your referral, after first Downlines is complete. You can upgrade to Grade 2 by donating another.iCHARITY Nigeria


Referral is very important in icharity.  If you registered without a Referral, this is the difficulty you will face:

  1. Your upline will be unknown to you.
  2. If any problem doing your donation He/She will be the one to solve the problem and also he is the one to confirm your payment and more…  click here for more

FOR THOSE OUTSIDE NIGERIA If you are yet to register, click here to go to the iCharity Official site or WhatsApp me on 08057195523 or ndkellylink@gmail.com to help you set up the account properly.. Join The Club Now !

FOR THOSE IN NIGERIA, If you are yet to register, click here to go to the iCharity Nigeria Referral site or WhatsApp me on 07032859330 or chukx95@gmail.com@gmail.com to help you set up the account properly.

•No 3rdparty or intermediary managing your money.
•Donation directly to your bank account.
•No e-Wallet, point system, minimum withdrawal.
•No fee at all. Absolutely free to use the platform.
•Not selling any product or service. Pure donations.
•So yes, it is Legal. And not a Scam.


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One thought on “iCHARITY Nigeria- Register And Start Making Money

  1. ese

    it’s real! its easy! its safe! its simple!
    iCharity Club Nigeria
    Every Nigerian needs this. Its Members to members helping community.
    When you register, you will need to donate the sum of N6000 ($20) to a fellow member, and he will then confirm your donation and then the system (Admin) will put 5 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N6000 each, into your bank account, making N30,000. You can also bring people to register under you (like I did which is most times faster and easier) if you can’t wait for the system to do it for you.


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