Read Full Biography & Net Worth Of Lagos Big Boy ‘Hushpuppi’

Ray Hushpuppi “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, is no longer a new name in Nigeria today. Ray Hushpuppi is a Malesia Based philanthropist from Nigeria. He is well known for his great sense of fashion and Luxurious lifestyle home and abroad. He indeed has a great taste for good life and looking good he says is one of his hobbies.

Ray Hushpuppi revealed to us in an interview that while growing up, he was a heavy gambler, He mentioned his friend Pac who usually stood up for him while they were kids, he also mentioned that they went through a lot together, they boarded buses, bikes and he also showed a picture of them sitting next to each other in a private jet. Ray Hushpuppi happens to be a person who values friendship, His updates on his Instagram handle tells us that.

Ray Hushpuppi has been known for so many misunderstanding with different Nigerian celebrities, like Phyno, Kaycee, and Davido. He is said to brag too much and behave childishly. The Malaysian-based flamboyant boy had thrown the first punch when he tried to humiliate Phyno and Iceprince by saying the duo are won’t of wearing fake Patek wristwatches and hence, they should stop complaining when people pirate their music.

Hushpuppi net worth


Hushpuppi net worth


We cannot really say what it is that Ray Hushpuppi “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4 does to make him live in such affluence but we must confess that he is a big boy indeed. He has investments all around the globe and his net worth is estimated to be in billions of Nigerian naira.Hushpuppi net worth

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