This post has been created particularly for those who are having difficulties in checking or reprinting their JAMB 2016 Exam Slip at the moment. We had to create this post now because we got reports of candidates, who are saying they have exams on 27th Feb (two days before the announced date for the exam to begin).
Please bear in mind you must eventually print your exam slip before going for your exam and that knowing the details of your exam date, time and venue, does not prevent you from having a printed or hard copy of the actual exam slip before the exam day.
It has been advised to use an actual computer system to check the Jamb website, but If you must use a mobile phone, know that JAMB website does not open well on Opera Mini.

How to Re-print Your 2016 JAMB Exam Slip;
1. Visit the official website by clicking here.
2. Look for the bold, green heading on the right of the page that says; “Re-Print Your Slip” and click on it.
3. Enter your JAMB registration number in the space provided and click “Re-Print”.
4. Details of your EXACT Exam Date, Time and Venue should now appear the slip that appears.
5. Ask to reprint the slip via a printer or if you have a printer, simply press “ctrl” and then Letter “P” on the keyboard.

If you want us to check your JAMB exam slip for you, Just scroll to the bottom of the page, find the comment box, and post your JAMB registration number.
If you want to help other viewers, who have already posted their registration number, simply click on the “reply” link under their comment then copy and paste the details of the exam slip.
It is advised that even after knowing your exam venue, date and time today, you are advised to do a confirmation check of your slip on 24th Feb and also 2 days to your exam day to be double sure.
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