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How to pass the 2017/2018 Jamb examination

It is usually said that admission starts from the application. The experience I have had in admission processing over the years has proven this statement to be true. Statements like “if I had known when I was applying !!!” or “I never knew this before my application” is very common. At that point, `though, they have already lost the admission. So, the point I am making is that, if you want to win the battle of admission, you have to start from application now.How to pass the 2017/2018 Jamb examination

1. Make good plans: Nothing good happens without plans, when you fail to plan, then you have just automatically planned to fail. Make up your mind on subjects to write and the sequence to start them when you enter the examination hall. I always advise students to start with those subjects known better to them and those without much calculations. In that case, they will have enough time to face the hard nuts. It is also to be remembered that remember that all JAMB questions carry almost equal marks ant that is why it is good to ones you know better first. Knowing your examination center, and planning on getting there on time before the examination begins are also good plans.

2. Get Study Materials: This JAMB examination now is completely computer based. Practicing by JAMB Past Question is quite good, but not the best. It is advisable to study with JAMB CBT software as that will be much better and teach you how the question formats look like– online or offline. You can click here to download the JAMB CBT software.

3. Learn to control your time: in previous times, many students have complained about not being able to completely answer the given questions because of insufficient time. It is known that Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) gives 250 challenging questions for candidates to provide answers in 3hours. Good students should learn to master time, and that should be done with the JAMB CBT practice software.

4. Keep documents handy: You will need your exam print out, and a few other things as listed in the photo card. Get all of them ahead of time and try to memorize your registration number. Make photocopies where need is and make sure you are lacking nothing. Eat and read each day until the D-day. Do this once and for all and with prestige.

5.PRAYERS: IF ANY OF YOU LACKS WISDOM, LET HIM ASK OF GOD, WHO GIVES TO ALL LIBERALLY AND WITHOUT REPROACH AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO HIM. when you are done preparing, PRAY! this has worked for many God loves people who work hard.

Let me know if you need any help.

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