Get attracted to ladies-

First impression they say matter a lot, the relationship you have with someone after the first day of your meeting depends how well your impression was. Most guys have lost chances of having a beautiful lady because of the way they chew food, talk, laugh and other stuff like that. In this post i will tell you basic things every lady checks out in a man as soon as they meet. Not like you should live your life in pretense to impress a lady, but e get some kind coordination wey man suppose get where woman dey!

If you’d like to get attracted to ladies, below some of the things every lady checks out in a man as soon as they meet:
1. Mannerism
Nobody loves to be with an ill-mannered individual, Every normal lady will like to have a guy who is well mannered, a guy who says “Please”, “Excuse me” and “Thank you,” ladies notice when you’re courteous and respectful toward them, and it can count for a lot. A man who practices this is said to be a husband material.get attracted to ladies
2. The guy’s physique
Every lady will like to have the finest dude as hers, Women searching for a boyfriend don’t care much if you have got abs unless they’re into fitness themselves. a pleasant body will undoubtedly help, however even then I’ve seen some fitness ladies with overweight and out of shape boyfriends. ladies wanting to hook up with a guy they just met at a bar or club, most actually are going to be more interested in the “Hot Muscular Guy.” It is necessary for a guy to take his physique seriously if he’ll like to impress ladies.get attracted to ladies
3. His composure
Classy ladies love to be with guys who know how to compose themselves in the public, guys who are sure of themselves and know what they want, guys who know what to say, when to say it and when to stop. As a guy, you have to honor yourself by acting with dignity and composure, when you start practicing this, you’ll gradually become a ladies man.get attracted to ladies
4. Mode of dressing
The adage, “You are dressed the way you are dressed” is really true, you do not expect a lady to take you serious when you keep dressing like a baby, Ladies like guys who dress classy, who know what to wear at any occasion, Match properly. pair your belt together with your shoes and accessories. confirm they’re the same color and ideally the same texture – shiny shoes with a shiny belt. With dress pants, match your socks to your pants. With jeans, match your socks to your shoes. Do not combine and match metals in accessories, opt for either all silver or all gold. Please don’t overdo the bling, one or 2 pieces at most. Avoid excessive “pea-cocking” (dressing extravagantly). simple is usually best. Unless that’s really your thing, opt for one statement piece. that can be a giant belt buckle, a vibrant tie, a fedora, or extra flashy shoes. Well dressed guys get attracted to ladies the most.

get attracted to ladies
5. Financial status
Nobody loves a broke nigga, Everyone one wants to be identified with a guy who has money. You may not necessarily be a millionaire yet, but you’ve got to have dreams and goals. If you do not have enough money to package yourself, please do not even think about getting a lady, as that may be a waste of time.

get attracted to ladies

If you can work on these, you will definitely get attracted to ladies, this has worked for so many people, and I am also a witness,


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