For social network lovers, another web based internet messenger called has come to existence. is a web-based instant messaging service that enables users to connect to multiple third-party instant messaging networks and communicate via chats consisting of text, video, and voice. Third-party messaging services currently supported by the service include Google Talk, AIM, MySpace, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and Facebook. To register for, the user has to have an existing account with one of the supported third-party messaging services.

The IMO application was released initially as a web-only instant messaging service. It spread to iPhone and Android operating systems in 2010, and then later to BlackBerry and iPad. The high-quality voice component was added first to Android smartphones in February 2012, followed by iPhone in August 2012, and then Android tablets and iPad in December 2012. IMO launched video calling in the beta version on July 22, 2013, which was moved out of beta as of late August. Since the beginning of 2012, IMO has gained 7 million unique users, with 700,000 users accessing the services daily, sending an average of 50 million messages a day. The application boasts 6 million mobile downloads to date.

You can use the web based version of IMO from any computer by visiting the This makes it really convenient as you can log in from any computer, you don’t even have to create an IMO account, although doing so will save your linked account information making it a simple task to access all your chats.

Features of

✔ High-quality video and voice calls

✔ Group chat with friends, family, roommates and others

✔ Share photos and videos

✔ Express yourself with FREE stickers!

✔ Uses SSL/TLS security for chats, and encrypts voice and video calls

✔ Also use imo on Android, iPhone and iPad to avoid SMS charges – send unlimited imo messages over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi for free




Imo messenger app can be found in the various app stores your device. Just enter your device’s app store type ‘imo’ in the search bar and enter. Hit the download button as soon as you find it, and you can start enjoying all the features of this app as soon as your download is complete.

You can also visit the official Imo messenger app website and download the appropriate app for your device.

Do you have any difficulties using/downloading imo instant messaging app? We would be glad to be of help to you. Drop a comment in the comment box and be rest assured that we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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