2go is a mobile social network with many users over the world that permits you to talk to your friends for free. It can associate with another chat network, for example, Facebook, Google Talk, and Mxit so you can stay in contact with your contacts through one application. You are likewise ready to meet new individuals through chatrooms that are grouped for different interests and locations.

download 2go
When you download 2go, it allows you to chat to friends for free, sparing you cash that you would ordinarily use to send instant messages. It can likewise work with your other social networks, for example, Facebook and Google Talk and permits you to meet new individuals.
Once you download 2go on your phone, you will be able to connect with friends and message them for free.
2go does not carry charges to message your friends. However, you are supposed to have an internet subscription before your 2go application can connect to the internet. This fee is far less than what an SMS would cost.

FOR LOST 2go Passwords

Visit m.2go.im on your phone, choose your country, click ‘Get Help’, then select ‘I forgot my password/PIN’ from the menu. This will provide you with instructions on how to retrieve your password.

I want to change my profile details? How do I do it?

Profile editing is available inside the latest versions of 2go

2go safety features

2go implements the following measures to protect our users’ privacy:

  1. Your cell phone number is never exposed – you can chat anonymously.
  2. Users are in control as to who they choose to share information with. No personal information is given without the user’s express permission.
  3. Your profile (and picture) cannot be viewed until you have approved someone as a friend.
  4. You must preview someone’s profile before accepting their friend request.
  5. Users can block those they don’t wish to speak to.
  6. Minimum age limits apply to certain chat rooms.
  7. Chatrooms are moderated to monitor and censor profanity.
  8. Chatrooms for younger audiences are censored against profanity.
  9. You can set a chatroom nickname different to your username to hide your identity.
  10. Minors can submit an abuse report for users who they feel uncomfortable with.
  11. Users who repeatedly break the 2go terms and conditions are banned from the 2go community.


  1. Visit here on your mobile phone.
  2. Download 2go from the website for your mobile phone.
  3. Launch the application and fill in a short registration.
  4. Start chatting!

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