2go download- Are you a social media lover? would you like to interact with friends? Would you also like to meet new people of different ages, schools, beliefs, lifestyle, and even countries? if yes is the answer to this question, then I recommend 2go download for you.
2go happens to be one of the popular social networks in Nigeria today, even the young and old enjoy 2go because of the liveliness and ease to use application. 2go has really upgraded its features making 2go better than it used to be in past times. 2go works on almost all kind of phones, but you have to have either MTN, Glo, or Airtel data plans to enable it to work

some new features of 2go include-

download 2go
Offline Notification – with this new development, you can receive you messages even while offline and then respond to them when you come online, this feature makes 2go be much like WhatsApp.
Chats – The new chat feature now has a QWERTY interface integrated into the latest 2go versions making typing a whole lot easier.


2go Rooms– 2go just got a whole lit fun as a lot of new and exciting rooms have been added to the already existing once. You can now meet people of like minds by entering the right 2g0 room for you.
Star boosting– Before now, there was only one way to boost your 2go star, and that was by staying and chatting frequently online. Before I became an ultimate, I remember vividly that most times I would stay online for several hours to make that dream come through, but I have just noticed that 2go team have made it possible that upon every Go-Credit purchased, a 0.99% will be added to your 2go star. The following are the various new 2go stars added. ►Sapphire
►Ruby and
►Black Diamond

2go Download- How to recover lost 2go password

During this holidays, I got so bored that I had to go look go back looking for my 2go password wich I have lost a long time ago. Well, I had to apply for a new one by sending an SMS with message content “2GO PIN” or “2GO PASSWORD” to “32120”. and I was charged #30 so if you would want to do same, just send “2GO PASSWORD” to “32120”.

2go download- how to download-

Visit the official website on 2go.im or www.2go.co.za or www.2go.com.ng on your device and you’ll be able to download the latest version of the app for your phone.
You can also use the download links below for 2go download to your phone.

Download Version 7.1 For Android

2go download

Download Version 7.1 For Blackberry

2go download

Download Version 7.1 For Windows Phone

2go download

Download Version 7.1 For Nokia S40

2go downloadDownload Version 7.1 for Java


Are you unable to download 2go.com on your phone? Are you having difficulties  logging in or chatting with the 2go version 7.1? We would be glad to help you resolve this problem, just drop a comment in the box.

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