2017/2018 Nigerian Army recruitment form– The Nigerian army is one of the most prestigious services of Nigeria, and young people seek to get there and that is why we have made this post to enable our readers to know all they need to know about the 2017 Nigerian Army recruitment.
At the time of the writing of this post, the 2017 Nigerian Army recruitment form is not on sale, although there have been some rumors concerning that, people who would like to apply for the 2017 Nigerian Army recruitment are advised to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE as we will be updating information regards the 2017 Nigerian Army recruitment there.

2017/2018 Nigerian Army recruitment form2017/2018 Nigerian Army recruitment form

Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) officers recruitment 2017

What are the requirements I must meet to join the Nigerian Army?
How can I join Nigerian Army?

For a start you have to meet the following requirements:

  • You have to be man or woman of Nigerian Nationality,
  • The age of each applicant has to be from 24 to 29 years,
  • Participants have to be completely healthy,
  • The applicant has to be at least 168 cm or 165 cm (for women) growth,
  • The participant shouldn’t have criminal records,
  • The person has to provide the certificate from previous educational institutions,
  • The participant shouldn’t have any body modifications or tattoos.

If you are cleared of these, you have to purchase the Nigerian Army Recruitment Form to appear in Nigerian army recruitment list. Before you need to have read all the criteria. Then visit official Nigerian Army site and fill it online:

  • Specify your e-mail address,
  • Receive login and password by e-mail,
  • Load the copy of your passport,
  • Specify all educational institutions in which you have studied,
  • Attach certificates from educational organizations,
  • Attach the copy of certificate on work,
  • You need also to add the document about nationality,
  • Specify the age and add the copy of birth certificate to the application.

As earlier stated the 2017/2018 Nigerian Army recruitment form is not yet on sale, but you are advised to drop your email address or phone number is you want to be updated about the 2017 Nigerian Army recruitment.

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