I have made this post to give all interested readers a comprehensive list of the 2017 International university scholarships and their requirements.

2017 International university scholarships
below is a list of 2017 International university scholarships.
100% Ph.D. Scholarships In Political Science At Stockholm University, Sweden

This is one of the 2017 International university scholarships and it is meant for outstanding International students who intends to pursue a Ph.D. program in the Political Science. It is a fully funded scholarship program which is durable for 4years this scholarship program is provided to give the students specialized knowledge within the subject field, a thorough training in research methods and a good understanding of the problems occurring in the research and the practical application. The mode of application is online. Click here to apply.

2017 Faculty Of Science Masters Fellowship At University Of Geneva

The Faculty of Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland invites applications for the Excellence Masters Fellowship to International students who intend to pursue a Master of Science in any of the disciplines covered by the Faculty.

This scholarship program is durable for one year and it is worth CHF 10’000 to CHF 15’000/year. Interested applicants should download and completely fill in the application form.

2017 DAAD Postgraduate Scholarships At Kisii University, Kenya

The Kisii University, Kenya is offering scholarships to African students who wants to undergo a masters and Ph.D. program in the area of specialization of Fisheries.

This scholarship program covers research allowance which is worth EUR 230.00 for masters students and EUR 920.00 for Ph.D. students. DAAD will pay tuition fees to the university according to the submitted fees structure and a monthly stipend to the scholarship holder, covering the cost of living including accommodation. Applications accompanied by a CV required documents outlined in information sheet for scholars both in the soft and hard copy should be sent to the:
coordinator Kisii University –
DAAD scholarships Programme,
Research and Extension Office,
P.O Box 408-40200, Kisii.
Email: research@kisiiuniversity.ac.ke.

Read the DAAD information sheet for scholars to know how to begin your application process.

£5,000 Masters Taught Scholarships At Bath Spa University, UK

The Bath Spa University is offering the Vice Chancellor’s scholarships to International students who wants to undergo a Postgraduate taught masters program in the Institution.

This scholarship program is worth £5,000 and it is offered in diverse fields to help students in upgrading their education. For More Information on how to apply, Visit The Scholarship Webpage. The application deadline for this scholarship program is on 22nd June 2017.

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2017 International university scholarships


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